Mosul – photo diary


Civilian (second from left) alongside Iraqi special forces. Some special forces battalions have suffered up to 50% losses in the retaking of Mosul


Street in Mosul beside a ransacked church.


An entrance to the University of Mosul


An Iraqi soldier stands on a balcony outside Isis’ infamous ‘5 star’ Ninevah Hotel


The Grand Mosque. (not the one from al Baghdadi’s speech)


Across the bridge is Isis controlled west Mosul which can been seen in the background. Prayers and shouting through the mosque’s loudspeakers could be heard on the opposite side every few minutes as the fighting was ongoing.



Shia flag of Imam Hussein on a mound above Sunni majority Mosul.


The mound was behind the Mosque of Prophet Younes (Jonah), blown up in 2014 by Isis.


The bridge in the background leads to Isis controlled west Mosul.


You may have noticed my lack of photos of civilians. I was paranoid that if I talked with civilians word would get around that there is a fat piece of white trash loitering around Mosul and that I would quickly become a target as a result.


approximate locations.

All photos taken 28/1/2017 by Roger Miller

twitter @rogermiller91


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